Micro Blading


  • Health, Hygiene and Safety
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • History of Microblading
  • Benefits of Microblading
  • Regulations, Licensing, Sterilisation and Needle/Clinical Waste Disposal
  • Products and Trolley set up
  • Client Consultation Process and Procedure
  • Client Suitability, Treatment Times and Pricing
  • Different Skin Types
  • Colour Theory – Pigments
  • Insurance and Legal Requirements
  • Brow Mapping
  • Brow Positioning
  • Microblading Step by Step
  • Microblading Procedure – Video Demonstration
  • Aftercare
  • Portfolio Building
  • Business Ergonomics


There is a kit included within the course price $100, enabling you to perform your two case studies and final assessment. The kit will be sent out to you as soon as you have purchased the course. 

  • Brow Mapping Pencil
  • Brow Mapping Sharpner
  • Brow Thread
  • Microbrushes x 100
  • Caliper
  • Practice Skin
  • Sharps Bin 0.5l
  • Isopropyl Sachet Wipes
  • Finger Ring Pigment Pot Holder
  • Bio Hazard Waste Disposal Bags
  • PPE including Nitrle Gloves, Disposable Aprons, Hairnets and Face Masks